HTRC Online Electronic Entry Form

**** New Format*****

HTRC has a new Online entry form (scroll to the bottom of this page) for submitting your entry electronically. 

This new Electronic Entry Form is now compatible for use on mobile/phone device.

***NEW  You can now choose to Pay at Show or Pay Now when you submit your Online Entry.  

For more information concerning the upcoming events go to "Upcoming Show Info" for the show you are looking for.  

Online Entry Deadline:

HTRC All Breed Spring show, Cheyenne Wyoming - Tuesday, May 14th by 11:59pm

HTRC All Breed July show, Walden Colordo - Tuesday July 2nd by 11:59pm

HTRC All Breed Fall show, Cheyenne Wyoming - Tuesday  September 10th by 11:59pm

  NO Day of Show entries

HTRC's Show Secretary:
Laurie Hauska

Entry Fees:

Entry fees are per rabbit per show

HTRC's Open and Youth $3.75 

HTRC's Fur Class $2.00

Meat Pen class $4.00

Make your checks payable to HTRC.

Filling out your Online Entry Form

  • Fill out all information pertaining to the exhibitor owning the rabbit.  All fields with a * are required or this form will not allow you to click on the Submit Entry button.  
  • Please include a valid email address and choose how you want to receive your Show/ARBA Leg reports.           
  • If you owe HTRC for prepaying a Sanction fee for your Breed.  Please enter the amount you are paying to HTRC in the field "Sanctions $ owed"  and in the next field include which breed was sanctioned for you.   This will be included in the total amount owed.  
  • Enter your rabbit's information, Choose the  shows/fur classes you are entering.   If entering additional rabbits click on "+Add Entry"  until all rabbits are entered.  
  • Choose your Payment Option:
    • Pay now (HTRC uses PayPal to processes Electronic payments.    PayPal will give you the option of entering a Debit/Credit card also, if you do not wish to use PayPal.   All PayPal or Debit/Credit card transactions will be charged a processing fee. 
    • Pay at show You will need to have your entry paid for before the start of the show.  Show starts at 8:30am.  HTRC is now accepting payment with a Credit Card the morning of the show also.  You will need to pay the Credit Card processing fee.   (Paying at the Show:  you can ignore the processing fee the electronic entry form is calculating.  You will only need to pay the Subtotal Due, unless paying with a credit card.) 
  • Now you can click on "Submit your entry".  With this new electronic entry form you will receive a copy of your show entry right away in your email.     

Any questions concerning this online entry form please contact Laurie at 307-547-9247 after 6pm.

Give HTRC about 24 hours to get  your entry processed and then check your email.  HTRC will send you a screen shot of your entry, please verify your rabbit's are entered into the show correctly.  


Youth Shows:

Are for any youth between the ages of 5 thru 18 years old.  Youth cannot enter the same rabbit in the Open All Breed show if they are showing the same rabbit in the Youth All Breed show.

Thank you and have a safe trip to Cheyenne Wyoming.   

Paying at the Show

HTRC is now accepting Credit Cards if paying the morning of the show.   You will need to pay the Credit Card processing fee.   


By submitting this electronic entry you are indicating that you will abide by HTRC's show rules and the rules of the A.R.B.A, which governs this show.  Please refer to the show catalog concerning the Rules of this show.

By submitting this electronic entry you will still be required to pay for all rabbits entered in this show even if you are unable to attend. 

Also please note:  Any rabbit scratches you may have,  will be done at the show table at the time the class is called.  If you do decide to scratch a rabbit from your entry you will still be required to pay for your total entry. 

No refunds will be given on rabbits that have been scratched.  8

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